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List of Most Recent Marine Mammal Sightings in the Monterey Bay Region

Since December 1, 2014
compiled by Monterey Bay Whale Watch

Marine Mammals seen in Monterey Bay

This list, updated every few days, includes reported sightings from all boats in Monterey Bay. Sightings marked * were reported by other boats in the Monterey Bay area, including fishing, research, private and whale watch boats, as we keep track of all sightings in the Bay through our sighting network. Unusual sightings of other marine animals such as Leatherback Sea Turtles and Basking Sharks are also listed. California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and Southern Sea Otters, which are seen on all whale watching trips, are not included in the list. Each month the sightings from the previous month are moved to a monthly summary list.

These sightings are copyright protected and may not be used without permission from Nancy Black. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use of this information is a violation of federal copyright law, and is subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law.

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Date #     Type of Animal(s)

12/20 a.m. 10      Humpback Whales
      Gray Whale
  300      Long-beaked Common Dolphins
  75      Risso's Dolphins

12/18 p.m.     Humpback Whales
   10000+      Black-vented Shearwaters

12/18 a.m.     Humpback Whales
  750      Long-beaked Common Dolphins
  5000      Black-vented Shearwaters

12/17 p.m. 12      Humpback Whales

12/17 a.m.     Humpback Whales
      Gray Whales
  30      Risso's Dolphins
      Harbor Porpoise

12/14 p.m.     Humpback Whales
      Gray Whales
  70      Risso's Dolphins

12/14 a.m.     Humpback Whales
      Gray Whales
  60      Risso's Dolphins

12/13 p.m.     Humpback Whales
      Harbor Porpoise

12/13 a.m.     Humpback Whales
  20      Risso's Dolphins

12/9 a.m.     Humpback Whales
      Harbor Porpoise

12/8 p.m. 14      Humpback Whales
  1300      Long-beaked Common Dolphins

12/8 a.m. 17      Humpback Whales
  200      Long-beaked Common Dolphins

12/7 p.m. 17      Humpback Whales
  30      Risso's Dolphins (cow/calf pairs)

12/7 a.m. 24      Humpback Whales
      Gray Whales
  300      Long-beaked Common Dolphins

12/6 p.m.     Humpback Whales
  600      Long-beaked Common Dolphins

12/6 a.m. 14      Humpback Whales
  300      Long-beaked Common Dolphins

12/5 a.m. 15      Humpback Whales
  12      Risso's Dolphins
      Harbor Porpoise

12/4 p.m.     Humpback Whales
  20      Harbor Porpoise
      Brown Booby

12/4 a.m. 12      Humpback Whales
      Gray Whale
      Black-footed Albatross
Festival of the Lights, photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Festival of the Lights (Dec. 7, 2014)

Great Egret, photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Great Egret (Dec. 7, 2014)

Gray Whale tail, photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Gray Whale tail (Dec. 7, 2014)

Returning to port at sunset, photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Returning to port at sunset (Dec. 6, 2014)

Humpback Whale tail, photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Humpback Whale tail (Dec. 6, 2014)

Long-beaked Common Dolphins, photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Long-beaked Common Dolphins (Dec. 6, 2014)

Humpback Whale, photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Humpback Whale (Dec. 6, 2014)

Harbor Seal, photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Harbor Seal (Dec. 5, 2014)

  Sea Otter mother and pup, photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Sea Otter mother and pup (Dec. 5, 2014)

All photos © 2014 Daniel Bianchetta

Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises in Monterey Bay

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